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Third Sunday in Lent- Deacon Gill- March 19, 2017

Lent 3 March 19, 2017 Today we hear of a Samaritan woman going to draw water from the community well. Here in the USA we take water coming out of a tap, for granted. Women collecting water for their families, from a well, is a very common everyday occurrence in many parts of the world. Jesus uses water in this story in a different way. He uses it as a metaphor because we understand the necessity of water. Today’s reading is remarkable for many reasons not least that we learn so much about who Jesus is and what he wants of us. Water is at the center of our lives. We are born out of it. We are sustained by it. We drink it. We swim in it. We wash in it. Sometimes the power of water is mighty, sometimes gentle, but it is always mysterious. It extinguishes fire and […]

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First Sunday in Lent- Fr. Chris- March 6, 2017

First Sunday in Lent March 6, 2017 Every year on the first Sunday in Lent, we find . In the first temptation, Jesus is enticed to turn stones into bread. Jesus is hungry after 40 days of fasting and turning stones to bread will alleviate his own present hunger. At the root of this temptation is the lure for Jesus to use his authority as the Son of God to meet his personal needs and desires ahead of all else. The desire to satisfy ourselves is a huge temptation we all face, and will become especially significant for Jesus during his crucifixion. In just a few short weeks, we will hear once more as he is encouraged by the onlookers to satisfy himself by saving himself as he hangs from the cross. This brings us to the second temptation: the great leap forward, the temptation to test God by jumping […]

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