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Growing Together… Stepping out in Faith

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Building upon the Legacy

Our prayer is that we are transformed from glory into glory: as individuals and as a parish. Over the past several years, St. Paul’s has seen incredible growth in members but also in depth of ministry and mission. In response to the growing needs within our parish and within the community at large, St. Paul’s has adopted a master plan that will help address those needs. In the end, St. Paul’s is the people and not the bricks and mortar. At the same time, we must remember that our facilities are tools of ministry. St. Paul’s is seeking to be a good steward of our resources and of the legacy we have inherited by laying the ground work now for future needs. As we prepare to embark on this journey, your prayers are invited. Look for more information to come as we continue growing together and stepping out in faith with this endeavor. Want to learn more about our larger master plan? Click Here: Master Plan Booklet


Growing Together… Stepping Out in Faith

In fall 2016, St. Paul’s embarked on an exciting capital campaign journey of “Growing Together…  Stepping Out in Faith.” This is just one step towards realizing the possibilities God has in store for St. Paul’s. The master plan as a whole will be completed in multiple phases over many years.


Latest News

Building Update: July 17, 2017

We are no longer looking at a July construction date. The guaranteed maximum price (GMP) was presented by the contractors in late June, but the cost had gone up too substantial from the last round of projected costs. Therefore, we are working with the General Contractors to get the price down to a more reasonable level without cutting back the scope of the project either. A big thank you goes to Alan Cooke for his work in this area.

Building Update: June 12, 2017

As we get closer and closer to the expected construction date in July, we thought we would share a little picture surprise… Look for this stone backing to be coming to an altar wall near you!








Building Update: June 5, 2017

Our Architects, Merriman Holt Powell, haves submitted the design documents to the City of Katy for final approval on Monday, June 5. Our contractors, Paradigm, are finalizing the Guaranteed Maximum contract for the Vestry’s approval later this month. Finally, Amegy bank is putting everything together for the bridge loan. All this is to say, everything is coming together and we remain on target for a July construction start date.

Building Update: May 2017

It is hard to believe we now stand a little over a month out from the start of constructions. Per a conversation with Patrick, our project manager from Paradigm, we are slated for a July 10th start date. The architects were supposed to submit the building documents to Paradigm by May 26th. Paradigm will confirm their numbers and create a construction schedule for the final contract by mid-June.

Building Update: May 2017

Although a lot is happening behind the scenes with the architects creating the building documents, not a lot of visible progress has been made. That is of course until this last weekend when a group of men came out to demo the old garbage bin and smoker area. This is right where the new parking lot will go. After the new parking lot is completed, then the Vestry and Property Committee will decide where to put locate these items in the future. We remain on target for a July construction state date.

Building Update: April 2017

On April 20, 2017, Fr. Chris, Karen Logins, Bruce McKee, Peter Parsons, and Flint Risien presented the building and financial plans for this first step of our master plan. We are happy to report that the Church Corporation of the Diocese gave their overwhelming consent for us to move forward. Look for more details to come on construction timelines. We remain on track for a July construction start date.

Capital Campaign Update: April 2017

We are now at $743,369 in pledges from 105 households. On top of that, we have already received $272,997. That is over 36% in just the 5 months of members paying toward their pledge. Thank you everyone for your generosity!

Building Update: April 2017

This is a quiet time for the Capital Campaign and Building Project as most things are behind the scenes. However, a lot is still happening. We are currently in what is called the “Design Phase” of the project. In this the architects are finishing the basics of each element of the project (see below for details) and our contractors are getting a more refined projection of costs. Then on Thursday, April 20, members of the Vestry and Fr. Chris will go before the Diocese of Texas Church Corporation for project approval. The Church Corporation is the entity that actually holds the title on the property. Each church requires their approval before undertaking any major project. Once the Church Corporation approval is received, a “Design Team” designated by the Vestry will meet with the architects to approve color choices and design details. After all of this, the architects and general contractor move to drawing construction documents, getting City of Katy permits, and receiving sub-contractor bids. We remain on target for construction to start in July.

Capital Campaign Update: March 2017

We are happy to announce that as of mid-March $213,628 has been collected toward the $731,783 pledge goal. That equals a little over 29% of pledged funds given in just the first 4 months of the 37 month giving period. Good job St. Paul’s!

All funds given before construction are funds that are not borrowed in the bridge loan. This will save St. Paul’s money in the long run. Thank you for your generosity.

Building Update: March 2017

The Vestry has reviewed the priorities set by the feasibility study and have narrowed the “shopping list” and is excited to announce the official scope of work for our “Building Together… Stepping Out in Faith” project:

1. Fix water infiltration issues and building leaks
2. Add fence and sign to Franz/Drexel corner as seen in the master plan
3. Replace current church-side parking lot and add green space alongside the church
4. Paint exterior of parish hall building
5. Repair drywall issues in parish hall building and church building
6. Paint interior of parish hall building and church building
7. Remove wallpaper behind altar and replace with special finish to be determined later
8. Add parking lot lighting
9. Replace all exterior doors in parish hall building
10. Replace running and standing trim in parish hall building

Please click here to see the latest mail out from the Vestry regarding details on the above.

We are also happy to report that all of the pre-construction projects have been completed. The architects are currently working on construction documents for our renovations and fence/sign.

Building Update: February 2017

St. Paul’s is back to 100% on HVAC systems. A big thank you goes out to the Harings for their help in getting everything up and running for a low cost. The lighting and fire alarm issues should be fully addressed by the middle of February.

The Vestry is still waiting for the full list of possible projects and their projected costs. This should be received from the architects and contractors by the middle of February. This will then allow the Vestry to pick exactly what we will address according to the priorities set in the feasibility study and based on getting the largest bang for our buck.

Finally, the Vestry is exploring the various options for a bell in the bell tower.

Capital Campaign Update: January 2017

As announced at the Annual Parish Meeting, we are currently at exactly 100 pledges for a total of $727,865. Since our First Fruits Sunday in December, we have collected nearly $200,000. That is over 27% of the total pledged amount. This is just what is needed to give us the seed money to address the early maintenance issues and to move forward with the larger projects.

Also, the blue giving envelopes will be included in the newsletter sent every other month. Look for the first newsletter of the year in early February.

Building Update: January 2017

A lot continues to happen here at St. Paul’s. Today (January 10) alone we had some working on the security lighting, the replacement of the parish hall HVAC, the architects here confirming plans, and geotechnical survey of soil composition. Everything continues to move forward. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to help make this happen.

Building Update: January 2017

When it comes time to permit with the City of Katy, they require an asbestos testing of the facilities to be renovated on the property. It was decided to go ahead with the testing so that we had full information on potential costs. The Vestry is happy to report that there is no asbestos at St. Paul’s. Had there been asbestos, it would not have stopped our projects, but it would have increased the costs. Not having asbestos makes the process at least a little less complicated.

Building Update: January 2017

Work has already begun on changing out a few of the HVAC systems that were broken so that we can be back to 100% by the end of January. The Vestry has also given authorization to improve the security lighting around the buildings and ensure the fire alarm system is back to 100% as well. Although the major construction is months away, it is exciting as important steps are being taken.

Building Update: December 2016

img_1117We don’t have hard hats and turned dirt just yet, but we did have the survey crew out so we can move one step closer to future construction. We are currently looking at a summer construction date for the major renovation items, bell tower, and fence. However, the Vestry has approved to begin addressing other important maintenance issues that do not need to be part of the summer construction. This includes getting back to 100% in our HVAC systems, fire alarm, and outdoor security lighting. More updates will be shared as we move forward. As Fr. Chris shared in his letter to the parish, “As one exciting phase comes to an end, we look with a renewed excitement to this new beginning that is before us.”


Capital Campaign Update: December 2016

On Sunday, December 4, members of the parish were invited to bring their first gift toward the Capital Project. So far, we have nearly $130,000 on hand. It was also announced that we currently have a little over $712,000 pledged to the campaign. Finally, a large check for $712 from the children and youth of the parish was presented from their bake sale on November 20. More details can be found in the letter from Fr. Chris. Click HERE for a copy of the “Word from the Rector” sent on December 5, 2016.

Capital Campaign Update: November 2016

Commitment Sunday was a wonderful day and we are off to a great start. As of Wednesday, November 16, $643,491 have been pledged to the Capital Project. As for our Annual Operating Budget, we are at $246,576. This is a great start. For those that have not pledged yet, it is not too late. Pledge cards were mailed earlier this week. They will also be available in the narthex and in the pews on Sunday. We are hoping to have a final number to announce on Sunday, December 4. If you have questions or would like to call in your pledge for the Annual Operating Budget and/or Capital Project then call 281-391-2785.

Capital Campaign Update: November 2016

On Sunday November 13, we will be making our pledge to both the Annual Operating Budget and Capital Campaign. We hope to see you at our Commitment Sunday services at 8am (Rite I) and 10:30am (Rite II).

Capital Campaign Update: October 2016

We had an amazing kick-off to our “Growing Together… Stepping Out in Faith” campaign with Vision Awareness Sunday. Here are some things that you missed:

Fr. Chris’ Sermon: Click HERE

St. Paul’s Vision Testimonies: Click HERE

Full Campaign Video:


Capital Campaign Update: October 2016

We all have a story and our stories come together to write the larger narrative that is St. Paul’s.

Video One:

Video Two:

Video Three:

Capital Campaign Update: September 2016

We are currently in the preparation phase of the Capital Campaign. Every household has been invited to join one of the many teams that help plan and implement the campaign. On September 26 & 27, each team met with our campaign consultant to further plan things like Children and Youth Celebration Sunday, Vision Awareness Luncheon, Prayer Vigil, etc. You are encouraged to participate as much as you are able and to begin praying how you are being called to give faithfully to the ongoing mission and ministry of St. Paul’s as well as possibly giving a second fruits gift toward the capital campaign.

Capital Campaign Update: August 2016

On  the morning of August 27, our capital campaign consultant, Kurt Appel, joined us to lay out the road map for the capital campaign. In the link above, you will find further details regarding our vision statement and the calendar for the capital campaign. Here are the slides that were shared in Kurt’s presentation: Orientation Slides.

Building Committee Update: July 2016

The church received a report regarding the extensive water infiltration issues in the parish hall and education building. In short, the panels on the east outside wall of the parish hall leaks significantly. Each window throughout the building has leaking issues as well. Finally, the roof has a few areas of flashing issues. Our contractors are working with water infiltration specialists to come up with a plan for fixing each of these issues.

Building Project and Capital Campaign Update: June 2016

The vestry received the feasibility study results on June 22. The feedback received was very positive. For more details, see the a letter sent by Fr. Chris with the second quarter giving statements. Click HERE.

Building Committee Update: May 2016

The Building Committee is happy to announce that a recommendation was made to the Vestry to hire Paradigm Construction as our contractors in the first phase of the master plan. The vestry approved the recommendation unanimously.

Capital Campaign Update: May 2016

We are currently undergoing a feasibility study to see how best to move forward with the first phase of our master plan. This process is designed to test the master plan’s reception within the parish at large, help prioritize needs/wants, and help the vestry make a reasonable goal for this first phase. Everyone’s participation matters in this process whether you plan to give or not.

Capital Campaign Update: March 2016

After conducting phone interviews with four different consulting firms, the Capital Campaign Committee invited two firms down for in-person interviews. After that round, the committee was ready to make a recommendation to the Vestry. The vestry approved the hiring of Kurt Appel with Missio Dei Ministry. The current plan is for a feasibility study to be conducted this spring and a campaign in the fall.

Capital Campaign Update: February 2016

St. Paul’s Capital Campaign Committee held its first meeting on 2/14/16. The Capital Campaign Committee was established by the Vestry to help St. Paul’s take the next steps in realizing part of the recently presented Master Plan. Extra copies of the Master Plan can be found on the counter top in the Narthex. After conducting comprehensive phone interviews, the committee has narrowed down the list of prospective consultants to three contenders. Fr. Chris and the committee will conduct detailed, in-person interviews with these finalists in early to mid-March. Continue to watch for more news in the coming days and weeks.


Our Team


Merriman Holt Powell:


Paradigm Construction:

Capital Campaign Consultant

Kurt Appel with Missio Dei Ministries


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