Surely it is God who saves me: Stewardship 2021

Over the past few weeks we have been hearing the story of the Exodus of the Israelites on Sunday morning. This was a time of great trial and challenge for the Israelites. Yet time and again we have heard of God providing, leading and caring for them. Throughout this story Moses challenges them to trust in God and not be afraid.

Everyone has been through a challenging time over this past year. This is a time more than ever where we need to trust in God and not be afraid. We have continued to worship and serve God. Many have said that the church was closed. We were never closed, we continued following the Gospel call to live in love with our neighbors, finding new ways to be church and to serve Christ in all people. Now it is time to look ahead to the coming year. As with everything, this year our Stewardship Campaign will be different.

In preparation the Vestry and Finance committee created our Stewardship Statement:

WE BELIEVE that God is generous and knows what we need. God is present both in times of abundance and scarcity. God’s blessings come in many forms: large and small; direct and indirect.

WE COMMIT to trust God and respond to God’s abundance by returning to God a generous pledge of our time, talent, and money. We commit also to expanding our ability to connect with and assist the people of our community.

WE INVITE you to live boldly, trusting God to satisfy both your spiritual and earthly needs. We invite you also to joyfully and faithfully respond to God’s generous blessings, allowing St. Paul’s to reach more people in our community.

As we look to the year to come, we are more committed than ever to the ministry and love we share with our community and our neighbors. Our ministry is funded through the gifts of its members — your generous offerings given in grace and love. This year we are asking for every member to take part in our stewardship campaign by making a pledge. Included with this letter are materials for making your gift.

Over the next few weeks you will hear from members of the congregation about what St. Pauls’ means to them and how your gifts make a huge difference in the lives of our congregation and the greater community. Packets will be mailed out to you soon – please fill out and return the included pledge card by Sunday, November 15th. Or click here to fill out the electronic pledge card.

It is with enthusiasm that we ask for your financial support. Everything we do at St. Paul’s is made possible by your generosity. We come together in joy to do the work that God has given us to do and our giving comes from that same joy. I will trust in him and not be afraid.

Sincerely – St. Paul’s Stewardship Committee

Bill Dawson
Peter Parsons
Stephen Adcock
Lianne Jelson
Rev. Mark Wilkinson

Stewardship Videos:

Week 1:

Joyce Davis, head of the Outreach Committee

Week 2:

Steve and Lonnie McConnell, The Beacon

Week 3:

Ann Blalock, The Gathering Place

Week 4:

Julia Peoples, Family Formation Coordinator


There are several ways to make a donation to St. Paul’s. You can drop your check or cash in the plate on Sunday mornings. Many people pay by having an automatic payment sent from their checking account to the church on a monthly basis.


If you are over 70 you can make a donation directly from your IRA. Simple tell your broker or IRA fund manager to make the disbursement payable to St. Paul’s and have the check sent to the church. Please be sure to let the office know to look for the check since it will have the fund name on it and not necessarily your name. Please consult your tax accountant about the details of this type of gift.


You may also make a donation of appreciated stock directly to St. Paul’s and this may save you capital gains taxes. (Please consult your tax specialist). The donations are made through LPL Financial within Amegy Bank. Please contact Robert Moyes via email or phone at (713) 232-2032 for the details on setting up the stock transfer.