Groups, Guilds, & Pastoral Care

Daughters of the King

DOK is an Order for women dedicated to prayer, service, and evangelism. Members are called to actively participate in gatherings and meetings held throughout the year and to uphold the pledges one takes upon joining this order.

St. Lydia’s Guild

St. Lydia is listed in Acts of the Apostles as a woman that is converted by St. Paul and assisted his ministry by giving him a place to stay and food to eat. St. Lydia’s Guild assists St. Paul’s in our ministry by helping with various tasks, such as preparing the bulletins for Sunday’s worship, preparing the Children’s bags for their use during the Sunday services. This ministry meets every Thursday at 10:00am in the Conference Room. All are welcome to join.

For more details on how to join any of the above groups, please contact the church office.

Pastoral Care

Eucharistic Visitors

It is important that all members of our parish are reminded that they are part of the body of Christ as found here at St. Paul’s. One of the ways we do this is by taking Holy Communion out to people who cannot be here on a Sunday. To take advantage of this ministry or to become a part of it, please contact the church office.