St. Paul’s History


June- Fr. Julian Jones of St. John’s, Sealy assigned “work” in Katy.

September- First services held on September 14th with 24 in attendance (7 initial families). The dress shop on 2nd St. was rented.

November- Services moved from the dress shop to the vacant lumber yard.

December- Church purchased the Humble Oil mess hall for $1000.


January- Current property purchased by the diocese.

February- 1st confirmation by Bishop John Hines.


1st baptism of St. Paul’s.


Parish builds a two room Sunday School building.


James Avery Jewelry shop was added to raise money to hire full-time vicar.


The Rev. David B. Poteet came to St. Paul’s as the first full-time vicar.


A larger church building was needed. The parish built a new church building and moved in for worship.


With continued growth, St. Paul’s broke ground on the current sanctuary.


St. Paul’s moves from “Mission” status to “Parish” status at Diocesan Council.


Work begins on the Parish Hall building. Parishioners will build everything themselves over the next four-years.


St. Paul’s renovated the current facilities and also restored building after substancial damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Vicars and Rectors

The Rev. Julian Jones: 1958-1961

The Rev. Fred Burford: 1961-1961

The Rev. James T. Moore: 1961-1963

The Rev. Alfred W. Rollins: 1963-1966

The Rev. James T. Moore: 1966-1972

The Rev. James Ramsey: 1972-1975

The Rev. Robert Moore: 1975-1978

The Rev. David B. Poteet: 1978-1983

The Rev. Anthony J. Tripi: 1983-1988

The Rev. Ellis Brust: 1989-1992

The Rev. Dean McMann: 1992-1994

The Rev. Richard Zalesak: 1994-1998

The Rev. Lanny Geib: 1999-2004

The Rev. Mifflin Dove, Jr.: 2006-2011

The Rev.Christopher R. Duncan: 2012-2018

The Rev. Kenneth Fields: 2018-2019

The Rev. Mark Wilkinson: 2019-present