Adult Activities

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Each Tuesday morning, a group of men and women gather in the Conference Room from 9am to 10am to reflect upon the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary readings. During the pandemic, the Bible Study met on Zoom which allowed for people around the world to join in on the discussions. We will continue on Zoom when we return to in-person this coming September.

Adult Sunday School

St. Paul’s offers an opportunity to dig deeper into various topics of our faith and tradition. At times, the Adult Sunday School will offer a multi-week course and other times offer one-off opportunities to discuss various relevant topics. The class is setup in such a way as to engage the parish in as broad a way as possible and accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. Some classes to expect in the coming year: Paul and Empire, by Marcus Borg and John Domonic Crossan.  A video series on the political world that confronted and challenged the early church. The bible in the Book of Common Prayer, a look at how scripture is the basis for our prayer book.

Discovery Class

Together we will learn or rediscover the basics of our faith by looking at scripture, theology, history, liturgy, and more. This class is typically for those wanting to be confirmed, received, and reaffirmed in the Episcopal Church, but it is also a great opportunity for everyone to get back to basics. Look for more details to come about the Discovery Class in the coming year.

Living Compass

Living Compass Adult Faith & Wellness Circles are a committed small group of adults and their facilitator who meet for six sessions. They discuss how their faith is connected with and informs their wellness and the daily decisions they are making in their lives, assess their current state of balance and wellness, learn important lessons about change, and set weekly goals for changes they feel called to make. For more information, please watch this video.