Lent 2023 Activities:








ARE YOU READY? This is an important series of sessions to answer some important and difficult questions surround the death of a loved one. We will meet for three Sunday evenings at 5pm for the presentation and then a simple dinner afterward. We will be done no later than 7pm. Please email Mark to let him know that you are interested in attending or go to the Google sign-up sheet. There will be room on the google sign-up sheet to indicate if you would like to help with the simple dinner (soup, salad, bread). See schedule below:

March 12: The Third Sunday in Lent, normal Sunday services
Spring Break: no youth/children’s formation
5pm – Are you Ready: WHAT TO DO AT THE TIME OF DEATH – The time to think about what happens when a loved one dies is not when they have died. You need to be prepared and to have considered your options before the nurse in the hospital says, “Who would you like us to call to pick up the body?” Rev. Mark will talk about the various options, funeral homes, cremations societies, liturgy at the time of death (last rites) as well as go over the St. Paul’s Funeral Planning Guide. The goal is that you are ready when the time comes.

March 18: Lenten Quiet Day: Revs. Mark and Wendy Wilkinson will host a Lenten Quiet Day retreat Saturday, March 18th from 9am-1pm. This will be a time of prayer, guided meditation closing with a Eucharist. Time will be provided to walk the labyrinth and the Stations of the Cross.

March 19: The Fourth Sunday in Lent, normal Sunday services
Spring Break: no youth/children’s formation
5pm – Are you Ready: UNDERSTANDING THE DEMENTIA UMBRELLA – Amazing Place is an organization that works in the area of dementia. They will explain the four most common types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, their symptoms and underlying causes, and share strategies for prolonging your cognitive health.

March 26: The Fifth Sunday in Lent, normal Sunday services
5pm – Are you Ready: WILLS, POWERS OF ATTORNEY AND OTHER NEEDED DOCUMENTS – Attorney Kerry Graham will present information on the documents that we all need to have prepared and updated. Wills, POAs for finance and medical decisions, Advance directive about how you want to be cared for are all critical and if you do not make the plans, then the State of Texas will. Kerry has helped numerous members of our parish including Rev. Mark and is used as a speaker by Amazing Place. She is also an expert in legal needs of children and adults with physical and intellectual challenges.

Holy Week 2023:

April 2: Palm Sunday, normal Sunday services

April 6: Maundy Thursday Agape and Service, 6pm

April 7: Good Friday Service, 12pm

April 8: Easter Vigil with Baptism, 7:30pm

April 9: Easter with Baptism, normal Sunday services
Easter Egg Hunt, 9:45am

Bishop Monterroso Visit:

April 29th: Service with Baptism and Confirmation, followed by reception, 5pm